My Story

Connection is everything!

It improves health, wellbeing and longevity. In today's fast paced world we tend to be more

disconnected than ever. Have we lost our AWARENESS - awareness of our bodies, our emotions, our actions and the effect of our actions?


By teaching yoga, I want to create a space filled with harmony, gratitude and peace - a place where we can connect to our true selves and where we can celebrate each other's uniqueness. I'd like to create an environment where everyone is equal no matter where they come from. And if you allow me, I will to take you on a journey,

a world far away from your everyday life. 

I remember my first few yoga classes - I always felt like reborn after class. 

Practicing yoga makes me feel good in my body, mind & soul. I can completely disconnect from the busy outside world and re-connect with my true self. As if I were in my own little world - I can feel my body, my breath and each movement I create. I discover new strengths and maybe also boundaries or challenges that I need to work on -  physically, mentally and emotionally. For one hour a day, I was able let go of all my day to day challenges and problems. Every time spent with yoga was a chance to re-connect.

I am both Asian and Caucasian and I am proud of my cultural background and biracial heritage. I believe that everyone is unique in their own ways. Growing up as biracial comes with it's challenges of never feeling at home. Every time I moved to a different country, I found it challenging to fit in, always feeling a little bit lost, longing for more inclusion and real friends that I can connect to. Through yoga I found the connection back to my true self and the connection to beautiful like-minded people. 


Wherever I go, I go with all my heart. After many years and many countries I finally realised that the world is my home. I'd like to inspire you to trust more in yourself and to find your true home.

Wherever the heart is, that is home.  

We are all unique, yet we are all equal. Through yoga, I am hoping to pass on the great wisdom I have learnt. I'd love to share the beautiful gift of making people happy and do my part of trying to make the world 

a better place. 

My Why

It's all about connection. Yoga literally means to yolk, to unite, to connect. 

Ever since I remember I always wanted to connect, connect to my loved ones, connect to people like me, connect to the world, connect to myself. I like to show you how you can connect, and that connection is everything. Through yoga I reconnected to my heart - my true self. Yoga also helped me connect to people who support me and build me up. And you can find these too.

Yoga is for everyone and it is more than just fancy poses on social media. There is more to it and I want to show the world the origin of yoga, why we do yoga and why it is so good for us. No matter who you are, where you are from, everyone can do yoga. Yoga for some is a work-out, for others a work-in and for some it is both. It can be anything you want and I am here to help you find your own yoga,

something that makes you happy. 

Yoga & Pilates Certifications

Registered 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, One Yoga Thailand

Mat Pilates Instructor, Studio Pilates International

Reformer Pilates Instructor, Pure Health Clubs

Barre Instructor, Rebalance Pilates & Yoga

Fun Facts about Me

FULL NAME... Andrea Jaksch (I usually pronounce it in German: Ahn-dray-uh)

ZODIAC SIGN... Scorpio  - Whatever you've heard about scorpios, that's me - a true scorpio :-) 

HERITAGE... 50% Austrian 50% Filipino. I am both, not either or ;-)

BIRTHPLACE... Rosebud, VIC Australia

HIDDEN TALENTS... I speak 4 languages fluently (German, English, Tagalog, Bicolano) and I communicate in Spanish & French.          

HOBBIES... Discovering the world, exploring different cultures, living life and laughing a lot!

PREVIOUSLY... a Flight Attendant & Event/Account Manager